Wedding Week, Day 2

The second day of our trip was ‘travel day’ with a little family outing to Whidbey Island! (Micah had to stay back in Oregon for an interview that morning, which sadly, didn’t result in a job, but such is life…)

To get to the island we took the ferry, which is a grand adventure when you are a kid!!!

Watching for wildlife!

We had lunch at at this picturesque building in Coupeville

It was a cool day, so the kids ordered hot chocolate, which Audrey promptly spilled all over herself (and the table….and the floor)!

I love his freckles!!!

Next stop was Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse

The view of the Puget Sound from the top of the Lighthouse, as well as one of the fortifications!

Deception Pass (Micah finally joined up with us here!)

The view from Deception Pass was gorgeous!

The view from Mt. Erie, the viewpoint that almost wasn’t a viewpoint (there were a couple other viewpoints that were ‘overgrown’ with tall trees & no longer had any view!)


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