Wedding Week, Day 1

My baby brother was getting married and so the family was traveling closer to where the wedding was going to be held in Washington State. There were various complications involved in getting all 10 of us from Oregon up to Washington and in the end Tena & I ended up with the rental van and all the kids! It may sound like we drew the short straw, but it ended up being an easy trip up!

I was designated as one of the drivers for the rental van so I got the responsibility of driving this beast through Seattle!!

We ended up only having to stop ONCE on our trip up, which is pretty good on a 5-hour trip with 4 kids!!

We even had time to spare before we could check in, so we did the natural thing & killed time at McDonalds! Sadly, there was no play place, but the kids entertained themselves quite well!

The house my mom rented was right on the sound! It was a large house with tons of space for all of us & my parents’ friends.

The view from Micah & my bedroom was gorgeous!

After dinner, Tena & I took the kids down to our little beach! It was such a beautiful evening & the kids had a blast!

Throwing rocks into the water!

This little cutie was posing for pictures!!!

“Best Cousin Friends”

Sunset over the water (this was taken from the kitchen window – I could get used to doing dishes with a view like this!)


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