Phone photos, vol. 2

Time to get at least some of the photos off of my phone!!! Here’s a smattering from the past couple months!

It doesn’t rain very often in Spain, but when it does, it often comes down hard!

One of the prettiest rest stop bathrooms I’ve ever been in!

Taking a little break with our friends during our Provence trip!

Smiling in spite of her cast!

My daughter’s hair is CRAZY in the morning!!!

On the last morning of our Provence trip, our car did not want to start & we had to call a mechanic! I think that all of us wanted to stay in France, including our car!

Audrey holding Elsa’s hand!

Our friends were passing through as they moved back to the states – the kids were excited to have a playdate again!

It’s always a good day for ice cream!!

Nothing slows this girl down!

On a date at our favorite restaurant, Francesco’s! They make the BEST thin crust pizza!

Audrey playing with my friend’s little boy!

Me & my language exchange friend – we take turns speaking in each other’s native tongue to perfect our second-language! Her english is WAY better than my spanish, but she is very patient with me while I stumble through my conjugations & search for the right vocab words!


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