Collection of random summer photos

Every now & then I look through my photos on the computer & realize that I have lots of random photos that don’t fit into any one specific blog post, so here is a random assortment of pictures from the past month or so.

The wild flowers are amazing in May, especially the poppies!!

My little country girl all ready for her field trip to the farm!

Chocolate ice cream to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Audrey chose this outfit herself! She asked, “Does it match, mommy??”

One of our 10th graders had been asking to have a llama party since the beginning of freshman year (Random, I know!). As he was not returning for his junior year, I made special ‘llama’ cupcakes for our last class party!

So tired after school that he fell asleep right in the middle of eating his sandwich!!

Mommy & Ezra birthday date at McDonald’s – where else?!?!

Pretending to be a panda bear & eat the bamboo

Like father, like son (Micah always reads while he walks to work)!

The magic shorts on their last morning – they finally got a rip down the back seam! Considering he got them for his first birthday, I’d say we used them up!

“Take a picture of my drawing, Mommy!”

At our church baptism

It was extra special, because one of our 10th graders got baptized!

Making homemade lemonade

Ezra wrote a long message on the day his friends left town. This is only the first part of the message. Translation (for those who don’t read ‘Ezra’): No one come, except Daddy. Don’t come because,…” The message went on to say that he was sad, because his friends had gone. 

Getting her cast re-wrapped! She had a hard cast around the back and was simply wrapped around the front to keep her leg immobile, but still allowed her leg to breathe. 

Ezra drew his own sharks & whales!


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