Family Vacation, Day 6

We started our last full day of vacation with another market, this time in Saint-Remy-en-Provence. Once again we found some fun treasures as well as some delicious food!!!

My find at the market: old French postcards!!!

Another delightful picnic lunch! We found this little courtyard park tucked away in the ruins of a convent in Courthezon in the suburbs of Orange.

The Roman Theater in Orange from the 1st century A.D. and one of only three that still has the back wall standing! It was really impressive & the acoustics are still really good! You can see them getting the stage ready for an upcoming production!

Taking a break after our climb to the top on a very hot day!

A statue of Caesar Augustus watches all the plays! 

The triumphal Arch in Orange

A good Roman city had to have a Theater & an Arch! 

We had a nice relaxing night at our place followed by a 10-hour drive home the next day! Sadly, we didn’t take a single picture on our way home! Given that we did little more than drive home with stops only for eating or gas, the kids did remarkably well.

The highlight from our trip home was Audrey coloring a picture and then insisting on giving it to the lady working at McDonald’s near Zaragoza when we stopped for dinner! Needless to say, the lady was a little confused, but happy!

It was a fun vacation & we really enjoyed the chance to explore Provence with our friends!


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