Family Vacation, Day 4

A beautiful view on our way to Arles

Recognize this cafe??

It’s the cafe from Van Gogh’s painting, Cafe Terrace at Night!

The obelisk in one of the main squares

Ezra had a blast playing in the water!

St. Trophime’s Church

The cloisters of the church. I don’t know that I’ve seen a lot of cloisters with a second level or at least not one that they let tourists visit!

Time for an ice cream break!!! It was DELICIOUS!!

Our friend was excited about the english book exchange in the ice cream shop!

Roman baths

Ezra wanted to take pictures of the ‘wild animals’. Sadly, the only wild animals around were pigeons! 

Inside the Amphitheater

This particular amphitheater was bricked in & used as a walled city during the middle ages. Turrets were added for protection, which have not been removed, so we got to enjoy the view from the top!

A view of the Amphitheater – they think that there were 200 dwellings in here! You can also see one of the three turrets!

Handsome boy!

The Gallo-Roman Theater

The city of Arles still uses the theater & it seemed they were getting ready for a ballet recital!

This French girl was trying to talk to Ezra, so he did what any normal TCK would do – he pulled out his foreign language! Sadly, his Spanish didn’t end up helping him that much! 


Poor Micah was missing all the sights as he shuttled Audrey from an urgent care clinic to a radiologist clinic, back to the urgent care clinic, & finally to the hospital where she…

got a cast for her broken leg!!!!

Poor girl was trying to climb around on a merry-go-round (not the carousel type) at a park during lunch & hit her shin on a metal bar! She ended up with a hairline fracture & a nice big cast above her knee! No crutches, though, because she is too little. Instead she has to be carried everywhere! 


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