Family Vacation, Day 3

We enjoyed a slow morning at our vacation rental & then made our way to the city of Avignon.

The kids had been seeing carousels around & so we decided to give them a treat & let them ride one! This one was a two-level one!! The kids headed straight for the top!

The “Palais des Papes” or Palace of the Popes – For almost 70 years there were 2 popes, one in Rome and one in Avignon. This palace was the residence of the French popes during those years.

The kids getting ready to walk around the Palace. Audrey, of course, was hoping to see a princess! We didn’t have the heart to tell her that princesses weren’t really supposed to be in this castle!

In the courtyard

Our whole family!

Our little princess

Ezra & Daddy – taken by our burgeoning 3-year old photographer

Our lunch at Chez Alya! We all decided to order the Lunch “Menu” (this means you get to choose from a very set small menu that the chef has chosen) & it was fantastic! I think our lunch was about 2 hours long from start to finish and it was wonderful!!!

Audrey even made friends with a little french girl!

The street where we ate is where they cloth dyers used to live & work – it was a beautiful street!

No meal is complete without ice-cream!! (The adult “menus” came with dessert, but the kids were more than happy to have ice cream cones a little later!)

Place du Palais (Main square in Avignon)

The Rhone River with the Pont d’Avignon in it

Ezra specifically asked me to take a picture of him in this tree!! Such a big boy these days!!

Such a cool girl!

Pont du Gard – a 2,000 year old Roman aqueduct. The most amazing thing to me is that it was built without mortar!! 


One cool dude & one cute princess!


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