Family Vacation, Day 2

All packed up & ready to drive the rest of the way to Provence!

Beautiful hills around our hotel

Breakfast in the car!

Even though he is away from Spain, this boy still loves his churros!

A beautiful house in the mountains of Andorra

Gorgeous hills!

Crossed into France, but looking back at the mountains in Andorra


Time for lunch!

Storming the castle gates!

Walking through the cute streets!

Checking out the view outside the castle walls

Walking along the castle walls

The princess in the castle (Audrey insisted on having her picture taken as a princess!)

Our very serious map-reader!

One last view of Carcassonne!

And yes, we’ve played the game, although we did not play it in Carcassonne, which would have been pretty fun!

France has lots of tolls & as we approached one, we realized that the lanes with which you could pay with a french card were all moving, but the ones where you had to pay with cash were nearly at a standstill. As we neared the front we discovered the reason: motorcycle bikers were blocking all the lanes, except for one, so everyone was having to funnel through one lane. We soon realized based on the police & the camera woman that we were experiencing a french protest! We’re still not sure what they were protesting, but they certainly made us a little later arriving at our vacation rental than we planned! However, we arrived only a few minutes before our friends from Germany, so it worked out perfectly! 

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.36.37 PM

I forgot to take pictures, so this is a picture from the website of the backyard of our vacation rental! It was a wonderful place & was just perfect for us!


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