Infantil Graduation

Today was Ezra’s graduation from Infantil (kindergarten). They make a big deal out of it & even had it in the auditorium in the town hall! Each class of 5-year olds had their own ceremony (as there are 5 different classes), which made it really special since it was all the kids Ezra has spent the last 2 years with.

Mommy, Audrey & the Graduate!

Daddy with his cute kiddos!

Mommy & Daddy with their big boy! It’s a little blurry given our 3-year old photographer! 

Ezra’s class walking across the plaza!

A line of graduates heading toward the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)

Graduation started off with a long slideshow/movie of the three years that this class had together! Seeing all that they did for activities in school & the field trips they took made me realize what an awesome experience Ezra has had! Just this year his class went to a planetarium, an Observatory (the star-gazing variety), a farm, & an apiculture school (apiculture is the management & study of honeybees)!!

Ezra receiving his diploma!

Ezra & his teacher, Maria Angeles!

Ezra’s class!

At this point, the students did an amazing dance, which I will try to upload & post a link to later! It was amazing! Ezra did a great job (with a little help from his friend)!

My super-emotional boy – his teacher was giving a little closing speech & she was getting choked up.  That combined with the sad background music was just too much for him! I love that he has such a tender heart AND how much he loves his teacher (& how much she loves him)! For the record, he wasn’t the only student crying!

In spite of the blurriness, this pictures means SO much to me – these are Ezra’s classmates just a minute or two after the preceding picture, coming to give him hugs! 

This picture is a visual representation of God’s answers to our prayers for Ezra in infantil! He had a great teacher that he came to love, he made friends, & he learned Spanish! An added bonus is that he learned quite a bit academically as well: he can write in cursive, add, subtract, & read in Spanish (cursive as well as print)! It wasn’t always easy, but I believe it has been a good experience for him!

At the park after school with a fellow american & graduate (from another 5-year old class)! 

The kids insisted on a group shot with Audrey! 


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