It’s been a rough week…

On Sunday Micah went into Madrid to play basketball as part of a group of guys that have a tournament this Saturday and while there he lost the only key we had left for our car! After retracing his steps, he called a locksmith who recommended that he call our car insurance company. They had a tow truck sent to bring both our car & Micah home! So since Sunday night our car has been sitting useless. A new key has been ordered, but we have to wait until Friday or Saturday to pick it up.

On Tuesday, Micah wanted to play basketball with his normal Tuesday night team, but as we didn’t have a car, he decided to take our moped (it was given to us when we moved here, but we haven’t used it much & due to issues with the paperwork haven’t been able to get rid of it). He was gone a little longer than I anticipated & when he returned he looked like this:


This is after he had taken a quick shower & changed out of his dusty, ripped up clothes. I sent a picture of his palm to my nurse friend asking if we could clean it with soap & water and after she asked if I had “X,Y, & Z” and hearing that I didn’t, she offered to come over with her supply of stuff and help clean Micah up! She started in on the worst wound and after about 10 or 15 minutes she decided that some of the gouges were really deep & he was going to need stitches. At this point, it was 10:45 and we had NO car! She offered hers, but they have a really nice car & I was nervous about driving it. She also offered to watch our kids, but she has young kids of her own, so I didn’t want her missing out on valuable sleep! We ended up borrowing a colleagues car & called another colleague who is an EMT to drive Micah. He seemed almost excited about a hospital run at 11 at night! They returned at 2:30 A.M. after Micah was cleaned up & had stitches put in one knee & two different holes in his elbow!

My poor husband looks a bit like a mummy these days!! 


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