Happy 6th Birthday, Ezra!

I can’t believe my ‘baby’ is SIX!!! The years are just flying by! We had quite a crazy day on his birthday, but I think he enjoyed it & felt celebrated so that’s what is important!!

He requested that his birthday breakfast be at the churreria! That was the best time to invite our ‘adopted family’ friends over so we ended up having a little party there! What could be better than churros & chocolate for breakfast?!?!

Opening presents!

Lots of friends to celebrate Ezra’s birthday!

Like Father, like son: reading while walking!

When we got home Ezra got to open his presents from his family!

Pretty happy about the bubbles he got from Audrey!

“WHOA!!!!” Super excited about a Playmobil dinosaur set from Grandpa & Baba!

New “Planes” toys!! This time from the second movie!

After presents we headed into Madrid as Micah had a basketball game with his spanish basketball team. Sadly, they lost their game, but it was fun to get to see him play!

Then it was on to the park party! Sadly, due to various reasons only one other family was able to be there, but Ezra had a great time!

Time for cupcakes!

This year Ezra asked for a “Planes” birthday! This boy is all about those Disney movies!

Having fun at the park!

The last thing in our schedule was an ‘end-of-the-year’ TeachBeyond gathering for dinner! I volunteered to bring dessert so that Ezra could have candles on a cake at some point during the day!

Ezra’s cake with his “Planes” decorations!

Happy Birthday, Ezra! 


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