Portugal, Days 1 & 2

One of the perks of being the director’s wife is getting to go along on the Administrator’s conferences! This year the conference was in Cascais, Portugal! Our hotel was right on the water overlooking the mouth of the Tejo River and the Atlantic Ocean! We rented a car to avoid putting all those kilometers on our aging car & to not have to worry about breakdowns, which ironically is what happened to our rental, but thankfully after we parked at the hotel! We called their roadside assistance & a man was out to repair it quite quickly – turned out the battery had not been properly attached & had  jiggled loose during our drive! It was a 6-hour drive from our house to the hotel, but we enjoyed the opportunity to have a complete conversation without interruption!

Micah’s attendance at the sessions was compulsory, but mine was optional, so I spent a lot of time on our balcony with a book enjoying the view! 

Such a stunning view!

One of the nice things about the conference is that they give you chunks of time without sessions where you are encouraged to relax & spend time with your spouse if they came along! We made the most of those times by visiting some of our favorites sights & seeing some new places as well!

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy some more Pasteis de Belem!!! It was a 30-minute drive each way, but well worth the time!!!

Our view of the Cathedral while we enjoyed our treats!

Warm, custardy, flaky goodness sprinkled with cinnamon!!! 

H&M in Belem!

That night at the recommendation of friends we ate at a hamburger restaurant called Burgues! It was incredible! I wish I had taken a picture, but I totally spaced it, because I was too busy enjoying my delicious burger!


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