Phone photos, vol. 1

Now that I’ve joined the 21st century & have a smart phone I’m able to take pictures of things when we are out & about, because I always have a camera with me! I like that I don’t miss out on fun memories, but I end up with lots of random photos on my phone. I’m going to have to be diligent to pull them off my phone & put them on the blog occasionally! So here is the first collection from the past couple months!

Heading out on a Field Trip with his teacher!

Who knew cheesy rings could be so much fun?!?!

Picnic lunch after church

A girl after her mom’s heart! We love our Doritos! (Also, she is wearing one of my dresses from when I was a girl!)

McDonald’s Play place

My messy girl!

Morning craft time!

I LOVE the springtime trees!

Our front door when Daddy came home from his accreditation trip to Africa!

My handsome big boy!


Such a girly girl – she fell asleep clutching her flower hair clip!

The view from ECA – so very, very green on this springtime day! (By June nothing will be green anymore so we try to soak it up while we can!)

Audrey the Alien (the kids did a school-wide unit on space during their second trimester)

Inside a rocket ship

The kids’ school all decorated at the end of their unit on space

Audrey the Astronaut 

Wedding invitation to my baby brother’s wedding this August!

Ezra & Heidi the Third

Must be spring…the trees are out of their plastic & back out on the patio!

Ezra was very proud of his “ball legs” & insisted I take a picture! 


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