St. Patrick’s Day

We had green milk on our cereal & green scrambled eggs! I wasn’t sure how the kids would handle the ‘surprise’, but they loved it!!

Audrey enjoying her St. Patrick’s Day breakfast!

Ezra in his PJ’s from Grandpa that he got on a trip to Vietnam! Worked out well that they were green!

(Side note: If you look in the trash can, you can just see a tiny bit of Ella – she has been missing since Friday afternoon & I was just about to order a replacement off of ebay. The trash can had been on its’ side & when I picked it up to get it out of the way of the picture [obviously didn’t do that great of a job!] there she was!!! There was much rejoicing in our house!!!)

My two little cuties all dressed for the occasion! Audrey’s shirt even says “Ireland” & has clovers on it! It’s a hand-me-down from a friend, but was bought in Ireland! Can’t get much more authentic than that!!! (And yes, Audrey is pouting because she has to wear a skirt instead of a dress!)

All the Americans at the park in their green clothing!!! 

A Spanish friend, after hearing about our breakfast & seeing my kids, said, “Oh, wow! You must be Irish!” Not really, a bit somewhere back in our ancestry perhaps, but mostly it’s just a fun holiday! In case you were wondering, Spaniards don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

A few days ago, I was telling the kids that I wanted to tell them a story about a man named Patrick to which Ezra replied, “Oh, do you mean SAINT Patrick?” Say WHAT!!! Turns out Veggie Tales has a little movie of St. Patrick, so he already knew the story. We have been focusing on Patrick & his story of how God called him to be a missionary. We’ve talked about how green means “Go” and Patrick was willing to “go” when God asked him to! It puts a fun new spin on a holiday that I always enjoyed as a kid!



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