This is Spain

For the time that Micah & I have lived in Spain we have had ‘pay-as-you-go’ cell phones. Recently, we realized that we were spending quite a bit of money on ‘saldo’ for our phones & started looking into other options. We didn’t want to switch providers so we just found a package deal with our current phone company. Sounds simple, right?

Micah was given a new SIM card for his current phone, which he took with him to Hungary as the change-over date was to be while he was gone. However, the date came, he switched the SIM card, & the phone did not work. So he was in Budapest with no phone. Not a huge deal as he had wi-fi & a laptop, but on Friday when we talked he was saying he wasn’t sure he was going to make his flight in the morning as it was an early flight & the metro wasn’t going to be running properly. We worked out that he would send me an e-mail letting me know if he made his flight, so I would know when to go (or not go) to the airport.

That evening, someone from our phone company called to tell us that they were coming to install our fiberoptic (this is a new thing in our town, so we opted to upgrade at this point). It was the worst possible time as I had 6 adults in my living room visiting & I was getting ready to serve us all dinner, but I was worried that if I said, “not now” I might get put to the bottom of a list or something, so I had them come anyway. They worked for a while (including pouring water & dish soap into a hole in my wall!!!) all the time tracking muddy footprints in my entry way, pulling things out from the wall in the living room, & generally making it difficult for my friends to talk. Then they said, “Our cable isn’t long enough – we have to come back” I specifically asked (in spanish), “Do I have internet?” They said, “Yes. We didn’t cut anything”. I then set a day that would be most convenient a few days out. About an hour later we discovered that not only did we not have internet, but we no longer had phone!!! And I had overnight guests who needed to use the internet as they were here on business. SO, Micah is in Budapest with no phone & may not make his flight. I’m at home with no phone, no internet, & only my cell phone as a means of communication with the outside world! Thankfully, I called a friend & she was able to check my e-mail & watch for Micah’s e-mail. She then e-mailed him that I had no internet, so he sent me a text message using Skype! I can’t decide if we’re in the year 2015 with all the forms of communication we used to communicate OR the year 1910 seeing as we don’t even have a working phone in our house!!!!

Thankfully, on Monday our new cell phone service started, so we at least have cell phones now! I even have a smart phone as so many Spaniards use What’sApp to communicate & we are feeling like we are out of the loop by not having this! I’m serious…everyone uses it…even Ezra’s class has a group, so we’re missing out on things that we should know!

But as far as our house is concerned, we just wait. And hope that when the men return they will be able to fix the problem, but I’m not holding my breath…after all this is Spain!


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