A gift of love

To some it may look like a scraggly weed snatched from the hard ground beside the sidewalk & plunked haphazardly in a drinking glass, but to me it looks like love! The reason I know this is a gift of love is because my daughter told me so. Not in so many words, but the message remains the same. We were walking to school, she & I, which is unusual, because usually there are three of us making up the group, but this day my son was sick, so it was just the two us. We walked hand-in-hand, which was also odd, as usually she lags behind or runs ahead, but today her little hand was in mine as we walked through the morning sunshine towards her school. She chattered away about one thing and then another and I half-listened while also running through my mom-list in my head. As we got close to the school, I looked down at her & she looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said, “Guess what, Mommy? That flower in the kitchen. I picked it just for you!” In that moment, I remembered hearing her say as we walked home from school the afternoon before, “I’m going to pick this flower with a long stem”, which is a big improvement on the flower heads I’m usually handed and I knew that the simple flower was an expression of love from my daughter who had no money with which to buy a gift. It was a lesson to me in keeping my eyes open to the many ‘gifts’ that my children give me. It may not look like a traditional gift of chocolates or flowers, but that dried up leaf or odd-shaped rock is truly a gift of love!


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  1. Yes, isn’t it true they are our teachers in so many ways. So cool to see where your lives have blossomed! Artfully said!

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