This week at the kids’ school they celebrated Carnaval (which is similar to Fasching in Germany or Mardi Gras {albeit a toned down version} in New Oreleans) by dressing up each day! And not just dressing up in whatever costume they wanted, but costumes following a certain theme! (As if it’s not crazy enough trying to get us to school on time, now we have to add “finish putting costumes together” to the already stressful morning!)

Monday – Galaxy-themed costume (as they are studying space in school right now)

Ezra as an alien & Audrey as a star! Sorry, a PINK star!

Tuesday – Face paint, BUT not just face paint – Galaxy themed face paint

Ezra with a moon

Audrey with a shooting star

Thankfully, Micah came home back from school that morning to do their faces! My face painting skills leave a LOT to be desired!

Wednesday – Free Day – Whatever costume you child wants (insert sigh of relief from mom)

A panda bear & a princess! 

Thursday – Class specific costumes: 3-year old had to dress as martians, 4-year olds like moons/suns/stars/planets, 5-year olds as astronauts (thankfully, the 5-year olds made the bulk of their costume in class, so all we had to do was make a helmet & dress him in white. Naturally,  we didn’t have a long-sleeved white shirt & had to go buy one)

Quite possibly the cutest astronaut & alien EVER!!!

Ezra very specifically wanted a picture taken of his backpack!

Each day I felt like I had done an acceptable job with their costumes as I was taking their picture, but then we’d arrive at school. I’m pretty sure these Spanish moms give up sleep the whole week, because some of the costumes are CRAZY elaborate! Oh, well! My kids made it to school on time each day & in costume! I count that a win!

The other thing on Thursday was a costume parade!

You’ll notice Audrey is no longer wearing any piece of her costume that I had to make! Also, she was pretty nearly the only 3-year old NOT dressed in martian green! Whoops! Again, didn’t get the memo! 

Ezra with his fellow astronauts!

I didn’t even think about the fact that I should tape the foil to the bike helmet! *Sigh!* 

So many kids!

“Seriously, what is going on??? I just had this whole school thing figured out & now we’re standing in the middle of a soccer field listening to music while dressed in weird costumes”

Ezra heading back to class with his defunct space helmet! Poor guy!

Friday – “Dia sin cole” (Day without school) Hallelujah! Not only do we not have to find yet another costume, but we get to have an extra day of weekend! (Probably so the moms can recover!)



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2 responses to “Carnaval

  1. Julianna

    Wow, that is no small feat to do for four days! I’d say you all did very well!

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