This past Saturday we finally made good on our promise to the kids that we would take them to the mountains when there was more snow! This was the first time either of them actually got to play in really good snow! Yes, they saw some snow & got to ‘play’ in it during Christmas break, but an 8-foot swath iced-over beside the road hardly counts! This was the real deal!!!

Right near the top, the road got really narrow & traffic got tricky!!!

This may have been the happiest she was during the whole experience! I think this girl is a warm-weather girl, because she DOES NOT like being cold!

A terrible picture of Ezra, but look at the gorgeous view behind him! 

Time to try sledding!!

Mommy & Audrey’s turn! And yes, I’m wearing Ezra’s Dallas Cowboy’s toque, because somehow in gathering all the snow gear for the kids, I managed to get out of the house without a hat for myself! 

Waiting our turn!

Someone is excited about the snow!

Starting work on our snowman!

The snow was incredibly powdery, so our snowman became a snowmound!

Being Snowmen!

One last sled run! You can see that even just in the 45 minutes that we were there, the clouds dropped & covered the mountains!

Heading back down to the snow-less valley below!


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