A typical Sunday

I thought that for fun I would document what a typical Sunday is like for us!

I start my day with going for a 5k jog! It’s more enjoyable when it isn’t just barely above freezing!

The kids enjoy building ‘forts’ out of the couch cushions & pillows! They also LOVE staying in their jammies (or in Audrey’s case, whatever outfit she has chosen for herself!)

We almost always have a hot breakfast (pancakes or waffles) on Saturday & Sunday mornings. This particular morning we opted for Churros & chocolate from the churreria in town!! Don’t worry, we also had some bacon for protein!

Who doesn’t love churros & chocolate?!?!

Church starts at 12:30, so some time before that we walk up to church! It often involves childish shenanigans!

It also often involves tears! A 10-minute walk is just too far to go without someone becoming unhappy about something! (And yes, this picture was taken on January 25th. In the dead of winter! The temperatures can be a bit chilly, but the sunshine is AMAZING!!!)

We attend a spanish-speaking church that just happens to meet in the auditorium of our school. The majority of the people who attend the church are Spaniards, so the entire service is in spanish, which is still a challenge for me.

That includes the worship songs!

The kids don’t get to go to children’s church until after the singing, so we have found that looking at books helps to keep them occupied until that point!

Every Sunday, the kids BEG to play on the playground! If the service didn’t go over too long & we aren’t too hungry & they have behaved, then we’ll let them! Look how high Ezra can get all on his own!!!

Finally eating leftovers for lunch at 2:30!

Look at those baby blues!

Then it’s our favorite time of the day: NAP TIME!!!! (Okay, it’s mom & dad’s favorite time of the day, maybe not so much our kids’ favorite time of day!)

Ezra doesn’t sleep anymore, so he just looks at books during that time.

On a good Sunday, I’ll take some of nap time to sit & listen to a sermon in english to compensate for the fact that I didn’t get much out of the spanish sermon I heard earlier.

Inevitably, Ezra will still have some homework left (he gets 3 sheets on Tuesday & it has to be returned on Monday), so he & Daddy sit together & work on it.

Sometimes there is time for a movie or cartoons…

…but there is ALWAYS time for dress up!!!

Usually, there has to be some sort of cooking (or at least re-heating) before we can eat dinner. When you live in a country without canned soup, if you want to eat grilled cheese & tomato soup, you have to make the soup yourself!  This particular week I also decided to tackle my personal nemesis: lemon bars! For some reason these never turned out when I made them in Germany! I was happy to have this pan turn out!

Despairing of ever finishing her tomato soup!

Then it’s story time & off to bed for the kiddos! Mom & Dad can then relax a bit before thinking about the week ahead!


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