Segovia & Snow!

On New Year’s Eve we took a trip to Segovia with Stephanie & her brother. The last time we were there was two years ago, so it was fun to reminisce about Audrey taking practice steps in the cathedral during our last visit. Today, there was lots of running!

Roman Aqueduct 

Segovia Cathedral

Ezra & Audrey enjoying the view from the Alcazar

Gorgeous Spanish countryside

Micah – picture taken by Audrey, our budding photographer

On top of the tower

Beautiful Segovia

Our family with Stephanie & Brendon! Don’t let the sun fool you – it was a chilly day!

Since we had to drive through the mountains to get home from Segovia, we decided to try & see if we could find some snow for our kids as Ezra hadn’t gotten to play in snow since he was 1 & a half and Audrey had never even seen snow (unless a couple light snows when she was 3 months old!)! We were getting worried that we weren’t going to be able to find any because there really wasn’t much in the mountains. We finally found a tiny bit along the side of the road & stopped for the kids to ‘play’!

Audrey with her ‘first snow’!

We found about a 8-foot ‘run’ of snow for the sled!

Ezra enjoying the snow!

“Ahhh….it’s cold!”

Our kids had fun, but Audrey didn’t last long, before wanting back in the car. However, when she woke up from her nap in the car she was demanding to go back to the snow! We’re hoping to get back up there when there is actually snow on the ground!


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