For Christmas we were given money to use towards a family adventure at a zoo (Thanks Nene & Da!). As Micah & I talked we realized that it might be hard for our 5-year old & 3-year old to receive a gift to someplace really fun that they then can’t use until the weather warms up & so we decided to take a quick overnight trip to Valencia to go to Europe’s largest aquarium. Ezra had heard about the aquarium a few months before & to had been begging to go ever since! It was about a 3-hour drive, but it was definitely a great aquarium!

It’s an Ezra fish!!! (There was this cool fish tank with a small tunnel that led to a big bubble inside – sadly only for kids!)

Checking out the fish while the spoonbills clean themselves!

Audrey watching the seals & sea lions play!

The very aptly named pinecone fish!

Inside the 70 meter (230 feet) long tunnel!

An Oregon State University fish!!!

Our family at the aquarium

A shark with a remora on its’ back

A very sleepy Audrey waiting for the dolphin show to start! (Someone was too excited to take a nap in the car on our way to Valencia!)

Photo of part of the City of Arts & Sciences complex where the aquarium is located! It has very cool architecture!

The next morning we drove out to see the beach! It was fun to see palm trees!

Ezra & Audrey enjoying the water!

Showing off her treasure!

A beautiful day at the Mediterranean!

This sand castle took one couple 2 & a half months to build!

Our reflection in the mirror at the “Wok to Walk” restaurant where we had lunch! Yummy food!!! Definitely not Spanish, but don’t worry, we had horchata (a milky drink made from chufa nuts) & a traditional pastry before we left the city!

Beautiful buildings in downtown Valencia

The pretty market was sadly closed, because it was Sunday

A rare example of gothic architecture on a secular building

The cathedral, which we only got to see from the outside as we were running out of time

It was a super short trip, but we got to see the aquarium, which was the primary reason for going & we got a good taste of how beautiful Valencia is so we’re excited for a return trip at some point in the future! Ezra is already talking about a return trip to the aquarium!


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