Spanish Afternoon

Last Saturday, we had an amazing experience! This school year I finally have a language exchange partner. She & I get together once a week & speak in English for half the time & Spanish for the other half. Thankfully, her English is pretty good, so she can help me out when I get stuck. This means our friendship has been able to move beyond “It is warm” & “Your hair is black”!! Okay, my Spanish isn’t that bad, but it has been a blessing to begin a friendship with a Spaniard who speaks a good amount of Spanish! One of the fun discoveries is that her husband is a falconer. He uses falcons in various ways as a job. When I told Ezra, he immediately had a million questions. Thankfully, my friend was more than happy for us to come see her husband’s birds. Finally, the Saturday before Christmas everyone was healthy & in town, so we walked over to her father-in-law’s house where the birds are kept! It was a surprisingly warm day (as in we didn’t even really need our coats!) & when we walked into the courtyard of the decades old farmyard, we saw that the table under the arbor had been set with drinks & other Spanish ‘snacks’.

Spanish Courtyard complete with dog & cat

Ezra meeting one of the three Harris Hawks.

Audrey particularly liked the dogs!

Enjoying Spanish hospitality!

Isn’t it normal to have a hawk at lunch??

Everyone got to eat! 


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