School Christmas Program

Audrey & Ezra had their school Christmas program on Thursday. They were supposed to wear a Christmas-related costume (Santa, Mrs. Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, Star, etc.).

Ezra wanted to be Rudolph & Audrey wanted to be a star. Although when Ezra saw his costume he was less than enthused as he had something more like this in mind:

One can see why he was disappointed! 

When I dropped the kids off at school all I could see were Santa hats on every single other kids heads & I had a sudden fear that I had gotten the wrong message. Thankfully, I had my language exchange right after drop-off & she has a child in school & told me that no, it was fine to wear whatever, but that the easy costume for parents to do was to buy a santa costume at the store. Made me feel better,  but I still felt like my kids were the odd ones! Oh, well! With their blond hair & light complexion they stand out anyways!!!

Audrey waving ‘hi’ to someone’s parents while sitting with her class!

Ezra with his classmates!

Excited to dance!

Hamming it up for the camera

The whole Infantil (3, 4, & 5 year olds)! Pretty impressive for a town of 3,000!

Group hug with Ezra’s class & his teacher!

Anyone interested can watch Audrey’s dance here and Ezra’s dance here. Sorry for the shaky filming! The kids weren’t that close to us & so we had to zoom in to get a good view of them!


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