Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend Micah & I got away in honor of our 10th anniversary! One of the benefits of living in Europe is that it is possible to take a weekend trip to the most romantic city in the world: Paris! It was fun to go back to where ‘we’ began where Micah asked me to marry him! It was a short trip, but we had a perfect time!

Our super cute (& small) hotel room!

After a delicious dinner of Galettes (that’s crepes with savory fillings instead of sweet), we walked up the Champs Elysees! And yes, it was raining, but we didn’t let it stop us!

H&M at the Arc d’ Triomphe

Choosing our breakfast the next morning was a difficult decision! We ended up with delicious pastries & left the scrumptious desserts for later!!

We started our day by going through a good portion of the Musee d’ Orsay, which has lots of famous paintings by Monet, Renoir, & other impressionists, which happens to be my favorite style of painting. Plus the building is just amazing!

Sacre Coeur is off in the distance. It was another gray, rainy day, so it was a perfect day to be inside a museum!

It’s not often you get to stand behind a clock!

Walking along the Seine

Eiffel Tower

Underneath the Eiffel Tower

Rue Cler – the beautiful neighborhood we stayed in! Also where we got our lunch of quiche & Eclairs!!! 

After lunch we visited the Rodin Museum

Rodin was a sculptor who made “The Thinker”.

The mansion with its’ beautiful gardens. This is the view we were looking at when Micah proposed!

Sharing a kiss on the bench where we had our first kiss! 

We visited Notre Dame & then walked through a Christmas Market! 

We also visited this amazing English bookstore called Shakespeare & Co. (I found this photo online as you weren’t supposed to take photos) 

We pried ourselves away from the bookstore in order to make our 7:30 reservations at Le P’tit Troquet. It was a small little restaurant with amazing food!!! Our 3-course dinner took 2 hours & was fabulous!!! (this photo is also from the internet as we were too busy eating the delicious meal to think about getting our camera out!)

We left early the next morning, but it was a full & yet somehow relaxing weekend in Paris! It was such a wonderful way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!


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