A visit to Germany

We were blessed with the addition of a new supporting church, our home church from our years in Germany! We were excited that in going there to share about our ministry we could also use the time to visit with some of our good friends that are still in the area!

In line to check in their carseats! This was our first trip since Ezra was born that we traveled without a stroller!!! A HUGE Milestone for our family!

Playing in the ball pit at the “preschool” center that is in the airport! I LOVE Madrid Airport’s Terminal 1!!! So amazing for kids!

Someone’s excited to be on their way!

Dinner at Doner’s, of course!!!

Eating a slice of pizza almost as big as her!

And then as we were putting the kids to bed we discovered that Audrey had a fever…

The next day involved a lot of jammies, lounging around, & movies! It was pretty much Ezra’s dream come true!

Trying to come up with games Ezra & I could play while staying inside!

Thankfully, in the afternoon of our first full day someone brought us some toys to play with & Ezra was completely happy!

And just as Audrey was getting better, Ezra & Mommy got sick so the jammies, lounging, & movie watching continued! 

In the airport headed home after a much different trip than we anticipated! (We did get to see some of our close friends who were willing to come to us for a visit & I’m very thankful for that!) We had to take a picture of Ezra with this car as he got his head stuck in the ‘windshield’ the last time we came through the Basel airport two years before!!


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