November is flying by…

Audrey wearing yet another one of my old dresses!

Playing dress up!

They like to do face painting in Infantil. It seems like at least once a month they come home with their faces painted!

Now that she can express her opinion really clearly, we end up with some really…interesting…outfits!

Sick day for Ezra

Audrey being cute!

Audrey with her mask she ‘made’ at school!

Trying on ‘hand-me-downs’ is always torture for Ezra, so we put on a movie. He hardly knew what was going on!

Like I said, really interesting outfits!

The 10th grade class at our house for the main dish portion of their progressive dinner. There are 18 of them!!

Audrey got a late birthday present: a doctor’s kit! She has had a lot of fun giving everyone check-ups!

The newest hairstyle: Frozen-inspired “Anna” braids! (Anything to keep her from looking like a mop!)

Super cute!! Micah can hardly stand it!

We had Thanksgiving dinner for the 18 people in our mission & one other at our house!!! Thankfully, it was potluck style & might have been the easiest thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! So delicious!!!


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