No more babies!

Today, I bagged up our potty chair to pass along to another family! It marks the end of potty-training my children for which I am VERY thankful as that is not a fun process!!! (We’ve been potty-trained for a good 7 months, but I hadn’t found a family who could use a potty chair) It’s so strange to think that we are done with babies & are moving into a whole new stage of life, but it’s true!

When Audrey turned three, her “bops” (the word Ezra invented for pacifiers when he was little) just disappeared! We had been prepping her for this turn of events for months in advance: “3-year olds don’t use pacifiers” It got to where we would say, “What’s going to happen when you turn 3?” and she would answer, “No more bops.” I was worried that she was going to be really difficult about giving them up, but she hasn’t been. She cried about it the first night or two, but even the following day she was bragging, “I’m not a baby. I don’t use a bop.” I had been planning to do nighttime potty-training once we got past the “no pacifier” transition, but we unintentionally ended up doing both at once! When she was a baby, I discovered that she couldn’t use the store brand diapers at a certain store here in Spain or it gave her a rash. A few days before her birthday we ran out of pull-ups so I called Micah as he was out & asked him to pick up some more. He picked up store brand pull-ups from that one store. A week later, she was complaining that her bottom was itching & nothing I put on it seemed to help. By that time it was too late to go to a store, so we switched to underwear! (Her pull-ups had been dry about 80-90% of the mornings) We’ve had one accident in the past week, but otherwise we’ve had success! It’s surreal to say, but we are a potty-trained, pacifier & pull-up free house!! We really have no more babies! It’s weird that we are past that stage, because it felt like the baby-stage would never end, but now it has & I can truly say it did go fast! What they say is so true: The days go by SO slowly, but the years fly by!



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2 responses to “No more babies!

  1. Marjorie Wahlsten

    High school graduation before you know it!!

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