Audrey’s 3rd Birthday!

Audrey got to take treats to school to celebrate her birthday with her classmates & she came home wearing a crown that her teacher made her! She still insisted that she was turning 6 in spite of the giant 3 on it!

We took cupcakes to the park to share with our friends we play with each afternoon!

Audrey was given a saxophone that plays one very loud, very annoying note (her friend who gave her this will most likely be receiving a puppy for her birthday from us!)! This older boy was being very kind & playing a duet with Audrey! 

Audrey had a “Frozen” birthday party!

Excited about her new puzzles from Nene & Da!

Yay for a new dress & fun leggings from Grandpa & Baba!!

Audrey got a Princess Anna doll as well!

Trying on her new dress-up things from her friends Mr. & Mrs. A

Audrey’s Frozen cake (it wasn’t actually frozen, it was a blue velvet cake inside – red velvet cake tinted blue instead of red)

So excited about her birthday cake!

I can’t believe that my baby is 3 years old!!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Audrey Girl!!


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