This year I went ahead & sent the kids to Infantil for their Halloween party (which happened on the 30th as the 31st was a day off of school in honor of All Saint’s Day on which landed on a Saturday – Spanish people like their days off just like Americans!). I have to say I wasn’t super impressed by the costumes I saw as I dropped of the kids – lots of scary costumes & only a couple cute ones. Spaniards only recently adopted Halloween from the States, but when it was brought over they only seem to have latched onto the really dark side of it & none of the lighter, more creative side. I wish there was some way that we, as Americans living in Spain, could set the record straight, but I’m not sure it would work! I did my best & sent my kids in fun costumes!


Audrey went as an Oregon State Cheerleader! Go Beavs!

Ezra went as Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts, his favorite show at the moment! He insisted he couldn’t smile normal, but instead had to smile “like Chris”. 

I guess this must be what he means?!?!

Audrey brought home this craft that she made at school! Not sure how much she did on it, but she did tell me that she painted! 


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