Weekend in Stockholm!

As a birthday present, I got to make a long-weekend trip to Stockholm, Sweden with my friend, Stephanie! Stockholm was SO much fun! It was quiet, clean, peaceful, everyone spoke english, & it was easy to get around! It really was a traveler’s dream!


We stayed with friends we knew from our time at BFA. Upon arriving, they fed us a delicious dinner & then took us on a tour of Stockholm! They gave us a good overview of the city while also giving us an insider’s view of living in Stockholm!

A gorgeous view of a beautiful city!

Our first stop was at the Public Library! Such a cool room!!! And yes, it is round!!

I think if I lived in Stockholm this is the library I would come to!

After walking around a bit we decided we needed to see what the cafes had to offer! I love that they have fleece blankets on their chairs so if you get cold you can just wrap up in a blanket!

This is a slice of heaven! It is called Kladdkaka. It was the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever had & I’m super excited because I just found a recipe! This dessert will be made in our home sometime soon! 

We ended our tour down by the water with an amazing view of Stockholm!

The next day arrived with blue skies & sunshine! We were eager to explore the city by day!

I love the little bike tied up next to the others! 

We walked down by the water, enjoying the fall colors & the sunshine!

We were able to walk to our first stop of the day:

Stadshuset or City Hall, which was built in the 1920’s. We were told that the leaves are only red for a short time, so we were excited that we were there at the right time! 

Stephanie & I inside the Blue Hall (which isn’t blue at all) where the Nobel Peace Prize dinner is served to 1,300 people each year! We’re standing on the staircase that the guests of honor descend!

This is the room where the council members meets & the balcony is for anyone who wants to come & hear what is being said. The ceiling is painted in a traditional swedish style. 

The Gold room (which is actually gold) where the dance is held after the Nobel Peace Prize dinner!

After our tour of City Hall, we headed to the Palace where we saw some military visitors leaving, followed by the changing of the guards ceremony.

The marching band that performed during the ceremony was really talented!

By this point we were famished, so we headed to a recommended italian restaurant! Wow! So delicious! They made the food right in front of you while you waited! Thin crust pizza, pasta, personalized however you wanted! I’m ready to go back just to eat there again!


After we finished our lunch, we headed out to explore the old part of town called Gamla Stan.

The views over the water were spectacular!

Stortorget, one of the most famous squares in Stockholm with the iconic buildings & the Nobel museum (in the right of the picture).

Just a cute street!

After finishing our tour of Gamla Stan we found ourselves right near the Katarina Elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator was not working, but we were able to take the stairs & had a bird’s eye view of Stockholm!


Stockhom with the Stadshuset in the right of the picture. It’s hard to see, but on top of the building are 3 crowns. Each of those crowns is as big as a volvo car, which gives you an idea of the size of the building!

One of the things that we found fun was that many of the metro stops had paintings on the walls & ceilings! 

It definitely made taking the metro a whole lot more fun!

About a month before our trip, we bought tickets for a boat tour of the canal. We had no idea what the weather would be like, but we certainly were blessed with the perfect day for a tour!

This is the Ostermalm neighborhood, which is where the rich live! Apparently, some of the apartments have 15 rooms (that would include kitchen, dining room, etc.)! 

The fall colors & the sunshine made for the most amazing boat trip!

Here is the royal palace (which has 600 rooms)! The royal family does not live here anymore, as they have a place further from the center of the city, but state dinners & royal functions are still held here.

Being so far north, the daylight hours are shorter than most places & especially shorter than spain, so our traveling ended a bit early, but we felt that we had a productive  first day & were ready to head back to our friends’ apartment for some time of relaxation!


Our second full day had neither blue skies or sunshine, but it made for a rather atmospheric fall day! 

This is Drottningholm where the royal family currently lives! Not too shabby! It was out in the suburbs a bit, so it took some time to get out there & back, but it was well worth the time. 

We enjoyed wandering around the grounds & enjoying the fall colors! (I know I keep mentioning the fact that it was fall, but that is because the trees don’t change in Spain until the end of November or even December, so it was fun to enjoy fall during the month that I consider ‘fall’.)

We made our way back towards the city & grabbed lunch followed by a walk through the park we had floated by the day before. Then we headed to the Vasa Museum.

This is the Vasa warship built in 1626-1628. It took 2 years to build, had a 20 minute sail, & sank in 15 minutes. 333 years later the boat was raised from the harbor floor & preserved! 

Stephanie is ready to shoot one of the cannons (in the reconstruction of the gun deck)!

It’s hard to get over how big & how old this ship really is! The crazy thing is that it is 98% original!!!

It was raining pretty hard when we came out of the museum & we were more than happy to call it a day & head back to our friends’ apartment for dinner & some reading! 


Our last day arrived all too soon! We had one last walk down by the water & saw a couple last minute things (a fancy department store & one of the open air markets). 

Thanks, Stephanie for such a fun trip!!!  I loved exploring Stockholm with you! 









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  1. Julianna

    Looks like an incredible town and trip! Very cool. I can tell by all your exclamation points that you surely must have had a good time! 🙂

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