Micah’s trip to Hungary

In late September, I had the privilege of joining two of our students and one other teacher in attending the Student Leadership Conference in Hungary.  This is an annual event put on by ACSI, in which Christian schools from all over Europe select and send a few of their students to meet one another, to worship together, and to attend workshops and sessions focusing on leadership.  There were around 240 students at this year’s event, held at a camp on a large lake.  My job was to spend time with our students, encouraging them and helping them to talk through the things they were learning and discussing at the conference.  I also delivered a workshop on developing intellectual character.

Doing a bit of sight-seeing in Hero’s Square in Budapest on the way to the conference.

Enjoying local cuisine in a large indoor market in Budapest.

On the Danube River in Budapest.  One strange sub-plot of this trip was that we kept getting asked whether the 4 of us were related!  It definitely gave us a lot of laughs – both of us chaperones would like to think we don’t look old enough to have 11th and 12th grade children!

Our students enjoying one of the excellent keynote addresses.  The main sessions focused on the importance of truth in our world today, and the speakers did a great job of using humor and personal stories to impact the students.

We enjoyed meeting the chaperones from the other schools, including some we already know.  This is a dear friend and former colleague from our years at Black Forest Academy.

Prayer time on the last night

It was a wonderful blessing and encouragement for me to be at the conference.  The sessions included good reminders for me, and it was great to see and hear these students from many different nations and language groups praising God together.  We were blessed to see our two students make some important commitments to the Lord, for their own life and for their vision for their classmates at ECA.  We pray that the impact of this conference will be felt in their lives for months and years to come!


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