First day of School

Ezra headed back to school with the same teacher & same group of students, so while it is a new year, it feels a lot like a continuation of last year. They are in a different classroom, so that probably helps make it feel a little bit new. 

Audrey was excited about school. She wore the same jumper to her first day of school that I wore to my first day of school back in 1986!

How did this happen?!?! How are both my babies off to school already! (I realize it is a bit early seeing that if we were in the states Audrey wouldn’t be going to school or at least she’d only be going for a few hours a couple times a day)

Dropping them off at the school – Ezra looks a bit grumpy, but that is because he was excited to see all his friends & we were making him take a family picture! 

They both had a good first day! I actually went to school with Audrey on her first day (all 30 minutes of it!) along with the other parents. Yesterday, Audrey cried when it was time to go in, but today she marched right in like she knew what she was doing. Tomorrow begins the longer block of time with more students, so I’ll be interested to see how she handles that!



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