One of the things that we are having to adjust to here in Spain is Fiesta. It’s basically a city-wide party for a week. And scattered throughout our town are little clubs & these clubs play loud dance music until 5 or 6 IN THE MORNING!!! The main square has concerts that start at midnight & then disco that follows starting at 3:30 A.M. So when Aunt Stephanie mentioned that we should go ahead & take our trip to Salamanca during the long weekend we have during Fiesta, we jumped on it! It was wonderful to miss out on the two longest/loudest days of the party! Sunday we returned & got to catch the wind-down of Fiesta: a parade at 10:00 p.m. & fireworks at 12:30 A.M.! But back to our lovely weekend away!

I found this little cottage on TripAdvisor for a good price & even though there were no reviews, there were tons of pictures, so we decided to just go for it! I’m so glad that we did!

It was very small (the only thing you don’t see in this picture is the small living room, but you can just see a corner of the couch in the lower right of the picture), but it did have 2 bedrooms & a loft along with 1 1/2 bathrooms! It was decorated so perfectly in an old spanish style!

The kids discovered that there was a really, REALLY wide window sill (more like a niche) & they could go from one room to the other through the outside! 

The town of Buenavista is not really a town at all, but whatever term you would give it, it is a sleepy place in the middle of the spanish countryside. The views from the edge of town were outstanding!

The church is no longer a church – it’s been converted into a barn!!

Lots of twisting, turning streets 

Lots of old architecture!

H&M enjoying our time exploring the town while Aunt Stephanie stayed with the kids in our cottage!





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