Baltimore Aquarium

Over the course of our two years in Spain, Ezra has mentioned our trip to the Baltimore Aquarium a few times & had asked if we could go back. However, when we got to the states he never mentioned it & we decided that since it isn’t the cheapest place to visit, we would just let it slide & maybe go again in two years. On Wednesday (before our Saturday flight back to Spain), Ezra said, “So, when are we going to the Aquarium?” I may have groaned inwardly, but then I remembered that they were running a deal on Friday nights where you could get in for a reduced rate, SO on Friday night, less than 24 hours before our departure, Steph & I braved rush hour traffic to take the kids into Baltimore to go to the Aquarium!

Enjoying our picnic ‘dinner’ on the Baltimore Harbor

It was a beautiful evening!

Something in the tank is pretty exciting! I was surprised by how little time Ezra spent at each tank. I think he just wanted to see everything once & then maybe go back through to his favorites, but sadly, we just didn’t have time for a second go-around!

Pita the turtle, still alive & well from back when Micah volunteered at the aquarium in high school!



It was a fun outing, although it was  perhaps a little more abbreviated than the kids would have liked, but we had to get them home for bedtime since I knew they wouldn’t sleep much the next night on the plane!


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