Micah’s parents were willing to watch the kids overnight so we found a deal on Travel Zoo for Gettysburg. I’d never been there before & it was just the right distance, so off we went!

Gettysburg Train Station (& tourist information)

Statue honoring Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

See the pock marks in the side of the house? It’s gunshots from the Union army. Confederate soldiers had taken over this house & were using the attic window as a  location for their sharp shooters.

Birthplace of Mary Virginia “Ginnie” Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg

Micah thought this was a pretty cool van!

The streets of Gettysburg


Gettysburg National Cemetery (with the graves of the men who died during the Civil War – this is only a small part)

On the battlefield there are all kinds of monuments & plaques to the various divisions & armies who fought in the war. 

Micah thought this one was particularly interesting

I liked this farm that happened to be located smack in the middle of the battlefield!

We didn’t spend the whole time on battlefields! We also had a nice dinner at a fun restaurant in Gettysburg & went to a movie (since our travel zoo deal came with two tickets).

It was a really nice room, although Micah said it made him feel like the President of the United States! (Picture from the hotel website)


We also did a bit of shopping, which doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but when you get to do it without kids it almost seems like a holiday!! Plus, we found the world’s best Dairy Queen! They don’t retire any of the monthly blizzard flavors, so you can have just about any flavor you can imagine!!!

It was a nice time away & just the right little vacation before Micah headed back to Spain .


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