Oregon Relatives

It was brought to my attention that I never posted any pictures from our get togethers back in Oregon with my cousins, Aunts, & Uncles. The main reason for that is that we forgot our camera to both of those events, so I didn’t have pictures staring me in the face on my laptop reminding me that I needed to post them. I did manage to snag a few pictures from Facebook, so thank you to my more organized cousins who remembered their cameras, took pictures, & then posted them for the rest of us to enjoy!

So many little kids! So many games!

Strollers & babies were the hot item of the day!

All the little cousins! Ten in all! 

Growing up this was my only girl cousin on my mom’s side for quite a while! She & I always had tons of fun with our guys cousins, but we also enjoyed special things just the two of us, liking calling each other & planning out matching outfits so we could be twins at our gatherings! I can’t believe how cool we were! And now we’re all grown up!

Getting my baby fix!

Here is the majority of the family (just missing three, I think)! 

The next day was the other side of the family!

My nephew was the only baby, so he got lots of snuggles! And for good reason – look at that cutie!!

See? Lots of snuggles! And too much cuteness!!

Having a good time together!

My dad & his nephew! Can you tell they are both Oregon State Beaver Fans?!?!

The kids got in lots of playtime at the park!


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