A birthday party & a baseball game

Before we came to Maryland we decided to have one big birthday party for all the cousins. Granted their birthdays range from early spring to late fall, but this saves all of us the cost of shipping & it is fun for the kids to get to celebrate together! Then life happened, we got busy, & all of a sudden we realized that if we didn’t have the party the following afternoon it wasn’t going to happen as Micah’s brother’s family were going to be gone on vacation! We put some quick plans into place.

What happened just shows how God likes to take care of his children…about a week before a friend from church had asked if she could come over to visit with us. Because she was already on the schedule, we had to work the party around her, or so we thought! She had NO idea we were having a party & yet she showed up with presents for each of the kids, flowers, & cuter cupcakes than we had gotten!!!

Audrey playing with her new leapfrog laptop & Ezra building his Hobbit gate with Daddy, while Micah visits with our friend, Jane. She also got Ezra a copy of The Hobbit! He going to enjoy that book SO much when he is older!

The cupcakes that Jane brought over!!! Some of the adults chose the costco cupcakes that we had bought that morning instead of sesame street ones.

All ready for a party!

Time to sing “Happy Birthday”!

Audrey got a cute little doll & crib from her cousin!

Ezra’s cousin gave him her very own Buzz & Woody toys!!! Ezra talked about these toys over the past two years while we were in Spain!!! He LOVES them! Such a special gift!

A fun game for someone about to start kindergarten!!!

After the party, Nene & Da watched the kids so us ‘big kids’ could go on a double date! We stopped at a restaurant for a light dinner of wings & (my first ever) fried pickles!

Then on to the Baltimore Orioles game against the L.A. Angels!


Me & my sister-in-law at the game!

My brother-in-law & sister-in-law

H&M enjoying my first professional baseball game!


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