Longwood Gardens

Phil & Neva got us tickets to a Fireworks & Fountains show at Longwood Gardens, so we drove up in the morning so we could spend the rest of the day exploring & enjoying the Gardens before the show started at 9:15. Our drive up included a stop at our two favorite places: Cracker Barrel & Dairy Queen!!! It was a bit of a drive, but it was a nice day & the gardens were worth the drive!

Finally made it!!

Two cute girls in a double stroller!

I just asked Audrey what they were doing & she said, “Running around like bees!”

Playing with the fountain!

SURPRISE!!!! Water comes out of that flower!

Everyone getting in on the fun!

Playing in the garden (Photo courtesy of Lauren)

Audrey found a flower her favorite color! (Photo courtesy of Lauren)

Cousins!! (Sorry – it is a little blurry. It was a somewhat humid day, so our camera kept fogging up!)

Sister-in-laws! Enjoying the beautiful gardens!

Looking at the fountains!

Brothers!!! Boys will be boys!! (I LOVE Neva in the background! “What are you doing?!?!”) (Photo Courtesy of Lauren)

Hi Da!

Beautiful gardens!

Picnic dinner before the show!

The show was amazing with music, fireworks, & fountains with different colored lights all choreographed together! (Photo taken from Longwood gardens website)

Sadly, Audrey lasted about 5 minutes before she absolutely freaked out & demanded that we leave! I tried to convince her to let me hold her in the conservatory, so I could still see the fireworks overhead & hear the music, but that was NOT a good option. 

Instead we spent the time inside the Organ Museum behind the conservatory! At least there were buttons for her to push to keep her occupied!


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