Second Week in Maryland

Between our three days of family vacation and a day-trip to Longwood Gardens (pictures coming soon), we managed to squeeze more fun into our second week in Maryland!


On the way home from family vacation we stopped at Dr. Mudd’s house (for those who are interested, Dr. Mudd was the doctor who set John Wilkes Booth’s leg after he broke it jumping onto the stage after shooting President Lincoln. It is also where we get the expression, “You’re name is Mud”!)


Ezra got to go for a ride in Da’s car!


We went to Georgetown to say ‘hi’ to the guys Micah worked with (although it turned out all of them were away!) & meet up with friends for dinner. We took the opportunity to visit the park & feed the ducks!


There was even a mom with her babies!! They were adorable!!!


I had to convince Audrey not to eat the duck food (it was really chicken ‘feed’ with cracked corn & dried up worms & yes, Audrey wanted to eat it!). On a less ‘icky’ note, that is the Kennedy Center in the background (which is the main performing arts center in D.C.)


What do you do when you end up at a sit-down thai restaurant without anything to keep the children occupied?? Let them hone their photography skills! (Photo courtesy of Audrey)


Audrey chowing down on some delicious chicken satay! (Photo courtesy of Ezra)



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