Family Vacation

Neva found a wonderful house near Ridge, MD for all of us to stay in! It was located on a cove (although it looked more like a river or a lake from our house) and was SO quiet! The views were gorgeous & the house was beautiful! We had two nights together & it was so nice to have that concentrated time together!

Gilgal House with the water flowing on both side of the property (photo courtesy of the Gigal Bed & Breakfast website)

Living Room (picture taken from website as I forgot to take house pictures in the busyness of settling in)

Kitchen with dining room table in foreground (also from their website)

The bedrooms were perfect!! They had a nice king-sized bed with a small room with bunks connected. (Again, from their website)

We had a great windy day! Perfect for kite flying in our backyard!

The kids had fun flying the kite & the big boys had fun throwing a football back & forth!

Such a cute girl!!

A little Romo in training!

One hot morning most of us headed out to play at the beach!

Daddy & his little girl

A cute family & a beautiful view

Cute boy!

Cute girl!


There is nothing better than fun in the sun at the beach

We got to do sparklers one evening!

And not just sparklers, but MEGA sparklers!!!

It took lots of help to get Audrey’s sparkler to stay lit & away from everyone else!

Dessert time!!!

Movie Time!

We had a wonderful time with our family & our time there ended all too soon, but we are so thankful for the days we did have together & the memories we got to make!


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