Fourth of July

My mom wanted to take the kids somewhere fun on the fourth & she had heard about this garden called Talking Waters that is part of the Water Treatment Plant. It ended up being such a fun place! The kids got to run around on the trails & we saw lots of wildlife!

Two adventurers ready for the day!

Miss Krause joined us as well & was wonderful at helping Ezra spot animals! 

We saw lots of ducks! This park was like heaven for the ducks: water everywhere!

Audrey is trying to feed the ducks a flower. Not surprising, she had no takers!


The kids had tons of fun looking for bullfrogs! We could hear them & would often see the water rippling where one had jumped in, but they were hard to spot! (This picture is zoomed in a LOT!)


There were also plenty of plants (This picture was taken by Audrey who has decided that she likes photography!)

We stopped for a yummy lunch at Depot Restaurant! Ezra LOVED the aquarium!


That night we had dinner with our good friends, the Browns! They always put on a good party!


The kids thought their 8-week old, Tildee, was the best part of the evening!

Although, it did take Ezra a little while to warm up to the puppy!

Fourth of July would not be complete without sparklers!

Happy Birthday, America!


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