Family Vacation to Lake Chelan, Day 3

On the boat to Stehekin, a town accessed only by boat or plane or on foot!

Rugged Beauty!

Checking out the view!

Looking back the way we came!

We made it!

Such a beautiful view!

We took a bus ride up to see a waterfall – walking the last few hundred feet!

A beautiful waterfall!

Family photos at the waterfall!

More family photos!

We stopped at the Stehekin pastry company that makes the most amazingly delicious cinnamon rolls! 

A charming cabin with a gorgeous view!

Hesston photobomb!!!

We had a four-hour boat trip home, so we had to find lots of things to do to keep the kids happy!

Nap time for Audrey!

My cute nephew!!!

Enjoying the chance to chat on the bow of the boat!

More talking

Reading stories to keep everyone entertained!

Once back to Chelan we headed out for a delicious dinner at a great restaurant! The only way it worked for the young kids is that there was a playground on the property! They loved it!

Go Hailey!!


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