Family Vacation to Lake Chelan, Day 1

(I’m sorry for all the pictures, but as this blog turns into our family photo album & these were the only days we were all together as a family, I wanted to be sure & document this time well!)

We stopped at Starvation Creek for a bathroom break/stretch your legs and got to see this gorgeous waterfall!

Looking back down the gorge the way we came! Such a beautiful place!

A cute girl!!

Daddy & Audrey coming back to the truck!

The Gorge further along to the East! Still beautiful, just a lot drier!

We stopped to see some good family friends that my parents have known since college!

What every parents LOVES to see on a 7-hour road trip!

We finally made it!!! (Picture taken from the website as we were too busy trying to figure out where everyone was going to sleep! It was quite a puzzle! 5 rooms, 12 people, 4 of whom needed to go to bed early & take naps mid-day!)

“Let’s get this vacation started!!!”

Daddy, Ezra, & Audrey coming back from checking out our boat dock!

Audrey: “You have to share with me. I’m bigger!”

Hesston: “Say what?!?!”

Tena made a delicious dinner for all of us!


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