40th anniversary

On June 15th, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! We thought it would be fun to throw them a small surprise party with some of their closest friends that they don’t get to see too often as they live a little farther away. My brother & his wife graciously offered their home & since the weather didn’t cooperate we ended up inside!

We decorated  with burlap & bachelor buttons, which were one of the flowers that my mom had at her wedding.

My dad was completely surprised (you can see here)! Someone had unintentionally ‘spilled the beans’ to my mom, so she knew we were having a party, but didn’t know who would be there!

It was a fun party with lots of laughter!

Me working on dinner prep with Myken, Caleb’s fiancee, while the guests ate appetizers!

Tena was doing food prep too! It was a busy kitchen! 

A cute Audrey at the party!

Hesston having something to eat!

Chocolate cake from Konditorei! So rich & delicious!! My dad loves creme brûlée so I decided to make some for the occasion! They turned out great for a first try! 

My parents with their cake!

Caleb & Myken looking at the book we gave my parents with pictures & letters from their family & friends!

My parents with three member of their bridal party! The guys had been college roommates & the ladies had been friends since high school!


A picture from my parents wedding 40 years ago!

(The bridesmaid in the middle & the two groomsmen next to my dad were the ones who came to the party!)

Nearly everyone from the party!

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


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  1. Kim Allan

    Looks fun! I was so confused about how you were there and at Noah’s house till I remembered you were in Oregon now! Enjoy your time with family! And congrats to Caleb, I didn’t know he was engaged!

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