The beginning of our summer!

Bathtime at the hotel!! (Our flight was at 6 AM & rather than asking someone to drive us to the airport at 3:30 AM, we stayed in a hotel with a 24-hour shuttle!)


Early morning flight in their Pajamas!


In Amsterdam looking at our plane that would take us to America!


Dealing with jet lag! Cartoons at 5:30 (after waking up at 4:45!)


Mr. Brown & Mr. Frog playing with the minds of a whole new generation!


I finally got to meet my nephew, Hesston!!! Such a cutie!!!




Building log cabins with Lincoln logs with Grandpa!


At the dragstrip with Baba & Daddy!


Baba & Audrey




Riding on the golf cart with Baba’s friend who races!


At the finish line!


Sitting in Baba’s friend’s car!


Future driver!


Visiting the goat at our friend’s house!


Hi, Horsey!!


Holding a chicken!


Audrey & the chicken!



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