One of the hard things about leaving BFA was leaving behind my friends, but God has been faithful to provide me with new friends here at ECA!


Me with my friends at Ezra’s birthday party


God has even provided a friend that was part of our life at BFA!

Aunt Stephanie & I at ECA’s graduation this year! I got to watch her graduate from BFA several years ago!


God has given me lots of opportunities for girls’ nights!

Aunt Stephanie, Charis, & I eating delicious Asian food in Madrid!


And as is the norm in our life, friends leave. This year, my good friend is moving on to a new ministry in Africa & I’m going to miss her terribly!

Charis & I enjoying ice cream in Madrid!

She has kids similar in age to mine, our personalities are similar, & we struggle with some of the same things, so we understand what the other person is going through when the other is having a rough day! She taught me to knit & nearly every Tuesday night we’ve gotten together to knit & talk & watch BBC shows! I’m thankful for the nearly two years that we had together & will be praying for her as she goes through this transition!




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