Ezra’s 5th Birthday

Ezra got to have THREE separate parties this year!!! We had planned on only one, but with the ways people’s schedules worked out, we had to throw two separate ones!

Party #1 was a brunch with our family & Aunt Stephanie & the Andersons. Ezra has requested a Shark Birthday!

What could be better than cinnamon rolls for a birthday cake??

Lots of gifts for the Birthday Boy! (Here he is reading his birthday card from Nene & Da!)

Opening a BIG present from Aunt Stephanie that turned out to be a race car track!

Our friends that are moving away gave Ezra a whole suitcase full of animals!!! Ezra was ecstatic! Audrey is pretty excited about the big T-Rex!

Party #2 was also a shark party. This time in the park with all his friends! We had ‘shark fin’ cupcakes!

Ezra happened to see a picture of shark party hats & insisted that he had to have them for his birthday, so mom had to scramble to make them! Ironically, Ezra never wore one, but his friends thought they were fun!

Audrey & her friend who is also three! 

Most people were coming from church & brought their picnic lunches

All the kids!

Cupcake Time!

Enjoying cupcakes!

Messy girl!

Party #3 was at school on Monday! Thankfully, you aren’t allowed to bring in homemade treats, so all we had to do was go to the store for juice boxes & cookies! Ezra’s teacher knows him so well – notice the animals on his birthday crown!


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One response to “Ezra’s 5th Birthday

  1. Lauren

    looks like great celebrations!!! Love all the shark details! Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys!

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