While Daddy’s away…

Micah spent last week on a mediterranean cruise as a chaperone for the Senior class (I tried to not be too jealous!)! While he was away the kids & I had lots of…adventures, shall we say!

I had to run upstairs for a few minutes while Ezra was doing his homework. I reminded Audrey that she was NOT allowed to play with markers & reminded Ezra that the markers were ONLY for his homework. I came down 5 minutes later to find this! I barely concealed my laughter as I herded them outside for a photo & then back inside for consequences!

Playing quietly!!

Ezra is excited, because they filled the pool by themselves and Audrey is busy scooping up dirty water & sucking it out of the top of the hose! 

First Cockroach of my life – Ezra discovered it during breakfast!! So, I did what any logical person would do…

I vacuumed it up & duct taped the end of the vacuum tube!!! 

We discovered that a new play place was put in near our house!

Audrey was being a mommy…

to her Ella! She told me, “Shhh….sweeping [sleeping]!”

Audrey crying…again! 

Watching cartoons on the weekend!

We survived our week without Daddy, but were very, VERY happy to welcome him home!!






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One response to “While Daddy’s away…

  1. Sarah

    Love the markers on their faces!! I’m so glad my boys aren’t the only ones that like to draw on their bodies and each other’s faces!!!

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