My parents left the day after Easter and that Saturday, Micah & I were on a plane to Malta for the ACSI’s Administrator’s Conference! It was a 5-day trip & was such a wonderful, enjoyable time! I LOVED getting to meet other wives of administrators, as well as spending time with some of our friends from BFA! It was also a perfect pause before the craziness of May began! A HUGE thanks to Aunt Stephanie for watching our kids for us!!!

While Micah was in meetings, I got to spend time exploring Malta with a couple of wives. The first day, we stayed close to the hotel. This is looking out at the island where tradition says Paul’s ship was shipwrecked. This is the island where they spent the night & the snake crawled out of the fire & bit him. 

Another day, a group of us ladies headed out to do some sightseeing. This is the Rotunda of Mosta. Supposedly, it is the 3rd largest church dome in Europe!

Inside the church! It was quite different in that the church was round inside! 

During WWII, a group of people were inside the church praying as bombs fell outside. Suddenly, a bomb came through the ceiling of the rotunda, bounced off the face of Jesus in a painting on the wall & fell to the ground without exploding!!! Talk about the power of prayer!!!

Colorful neighborhoods of Mosta

We walked through a market & a man had an owl! I had to take a picture for Ezra!

We also visited the medieval walled City of Mdina.

The streets are narrow & windy to protect the inhabitants from being shot by arrows (back in Medieval times, obviously!)

Such cute little streets!

I LOVED this house! I think I could live here! 

Pretty flowers!

The Mdina church rotunda in the background

The view from the cafe where we had lunch!!!

After exploring Mdina, we left the walled city & wandered around the adjacent city of Rabat. It was also really pretty!

A picture of Mdina from the bus as we traveled back to our hotel!

A beautiful country!

The view from our hotel (as we chose not to pay extra for a sea view). I loved the blue house with the lush garden surrounded by all the white & cream colored houses! It was a good reminder to me of what a Christian should look like in comparison with the rest of the world!

The evening of our last full day, Micah & I took the bus to Valletta, the capital of Malta. It has colorful city streets!

This is one of the churches in Valletta.

The maltese cross was everywhere on the island!

Looking down to the water


A beautiful place!

Sunset over Valletta!


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