Southern Spain Adventure: Ronda

On our last day of sightseeing we headed to Ronda.


A beautiful view on our drive to Ronda

At the Bull Fighting museum in Ronda

This shows how you can get the door open to release the bull without getting anywhere near him!

Inside the Bull Ring!

An Ezra-Bull!

An Audrey-Bull!

Running in the Bull Ring!

A statue of a matador

The view from Ronda

Looking at the other side of the canyon

The New Bridge in Ronda, which was finished in 1793

Cute Boy!

Looking into the canyon

Another view of the bridge

Getting a ‘boost’ to see the view!

A final look at the bridge

A view of our home base, Jimena de la Frontera, as we returned from our day of traveling.



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2 responses to “Southern Spain Adventure: Ronda

  1. Ronda

    What a beautiful place with a beautiful name. Looks like you had a blast traveling.

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